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Enhanced reporting & forecasting

We combine your accounting, CRM, HR and WIP data into one comprehensive FP&A tool for investors and management.

Problems our clients are facing

Difficulty in understanding the cash and revenue impact of changes in the sales pipeline

Finance teams are overstretched, have time consuming processes and lack technology expertise

Lack a single consolidated view of the business as data is stored across multiple systems

How Finomatic can help

We are experts in finance, technology and data. We eliminate the need to explain the significance or intricacies of financial data. Throughout each engagement, we work in close collaboration with our clients. This means that we always remain aligned on your desired outcomes.

After concluding an engagement with us, we guarantee you greater speed, accuracy, confidence and understanding with regards to your financial data.

Our process consists of four distinct stages: ‘Investigation‘, ‘Validation‘, ‘Transformation‘ and ‘Integration‘.

1. Investigation
Data Quality

  • Action - We analyse your current reporting packs, financial processes and the quality of your data.

  • Method - We review your analysis methods and data extracts from your CRM, HR and accounting systems.

  • Purpose - This gives you confidence that we understand your business and can build solutions to address your specific pain points.
  • 2. Validation
    Data Integrity

  • Action - We aggregate your systems, analyse financial data and determine the appropriate KPIs.

  • Method - We communicate with you regularly to ensure we understand the ‘why’ behind your numbers.

  • Purpose - This gives you confidence that financial and operational information are aligned, with a clear audit trail to prove it.
  • 3. Transformation
    Data Availability

  • Action - We build your bespoke tools and ensure you have visibility of all required financial data and KPIs.

  • Method - We create interactive dashboards with the ability to filter, drill down and audit the underlying data.

  • Purpose - This gives you confidence that the financial information is suitable for all stakeholders such as: senior management, department heads and investors.

  • 4. Integration
    Data Continuity

  • Action - We hand the bespoke solution over to you so that it can be managed independently.

  • Method - We integrate with your systems and provide detailed instructions for the tool's ongoing maintenance.

  • Purpose - This gives you confidence to make better strategic decisions and monitor the trajectory of your business using relevant real-time KPIs.
  • Why it matters

    Following an engagement with us, you will benefit from: 1) valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour ; 2) real-time performance monitoring ; 3) responsiveness to changes in your business environment ; and 4) the ability to delay a new hire in your finance team.

    This ensures that you can: Maximise company valuation, Improve investor dialogues and Make confident strategic decisions.

    Maximise company valuation

    Technology sector transactions are highly data driven. Due to the scalable business model, company valuations are often based on projections of future growth. This is in contrast to other industries where historical financials or the book of client names play a much larger role. It is therefore crucial to be confident in your underlying data.

    Improve investor dialogues

    Institutional investors are highly sophisticated and they will spot data irregularities quickly. It is therefore crucial that your financial data is aligned to your vision of the business and that you can present this information to investors quickly and confidently. Once they have lost trust in your numbers, it is very difficult to regain their interest.

    Make confident strategic decisions

    Accurate real-time data empowers you to make confident strategic decisions. But, we understand that the ‘so what’ is the most important aspect of any data analysis. We help you to understand the key drivers of your business, which enables you to evaluate opportunities, assess risks and maximise your growth potential.

    Which tools do we use?

    The vast majority of corporate finance transactions are carried out on the basis of 3-statement financial models in Microsoft Excel. Prospective investors always want the ability to scrutinise the numbers in these statements by tracing back to original source data. We therefore build our final outputs using the Microsoft suite. As the most widely deployed solution in the market, it has the ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of source systems and transformation software.

    We have extensive experience in working with large raw data sets in a range of different systems and formats. By cleaning and combining this data into a single consolidated view, we facilitate the process of tracking and analysing your most important metrics.

    Validation (source systems)

    Transformation / Presentation

    What does the end result look like?

    The final output of these engagements is typically a system-integrated 3-statement financial model in Microsoft Excel. This file will link to data from your source systems and therefore benefits from a largely automated monthly update process. Our solution will also feature a range of dynamic charts in a dashboard format, which provides a detailed analysis of revenue streams and customer behaviour. By building our visualisations using source system data, there is always a clear audit trail for investors and finance team members.

    Please see below for an example of the new insights we prepared for a previous client.

    What is involved in our four-step process?

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