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We help investors to: increase returns, maximise exit valuations and spend less time reconciling financial data.

Investors we work with

Did you know...?

From the funding applications that venture capital investors receive, ONLY:


are seriously reviewed…


receive funding…


of those companies succeed!

Investor characteristics

Since the peak of deal activity in 2021, the volume of new opportunities receiving investment has declined. Private market investors have therefore become much more ‘hands on’ with maximising the value of their existing portfolio companies.

Time poor

You are inundated with investment opportunities. Venture capital funds can receive up to 3,000 funding applications per year. It is therefore critical to stand out from the crowd.

Highly sophisticated

You conduct thorough analysis and will spot irregularities quickly. Raising seed capital vs institutional funding are two completely different ballgames. As a business matures, investment decisions are more data-driven.

No nonsense

You want the right information, in the right place at the right time. Companies seeking funding often only have one shot. Once you have lost confidence in their numbers, it is very difficult to regain your interest.

Investor challenges

What you currently do: Try to reconcile the client breakdown to the P&L

Finomatic Consulting, Cameron Hay

Before Finomatic

You want to help your portfolio grow and assess new investment opportunities. But, obtaining accurate and timely information is a struggle. If you do not fully trust the data, you may hesitate in making the pivotal decisions.

At the moment, you and your portfolio companies might be:

  • Spending hours reconciling data instead of discussing the growth strategy ;
  • Making strategic decisions using management information which is incorrect, incomplete or outdated ;
  • Unable to access the relevant data at a moment’s notice to capitalise on inbound acquisition opportunities ; or
  • Seeking more information about current market patterns and developments.

Our solutions

We maintain constant communication with technology investors, so we know what information you are looking for. We work closely with the CFO, finance directors and financial controllers in your portfolio companies. We help them to reconcile their financial data and communicate with you in a manner which is:


  • Highlight the key selling points of the business
  • Demonstrate the viability of the management team
  • Prove the commercial viability of the operation


  • Learn which financial metrics are most valuable to investors
  • Reconcile information from different sources and ensure that it all tells the same story
  • Align financial data with the vision of the business


  • Speak the language of the investors
  • Present the information clearly
  • Track data in real time so that it is available at a moment’s notice

Why it matters for you

After Finomatic

Our solutions allow investors to:

  • Focus on adding value – reduce staff time spent collating and reconciling your portfolio’s financial data ;
  • Increase returns – accurate real-time data allows you to make better strategic decisions and supercharge the growth of your portfolio ;
  • Maximise exit valuations – our end clients are always ready for conversations with potential acquirers. This allows them to capitalise on inbound interest, which should result in a more competitive process ; and
  • Enhance market intelligence – we have an ongoing relationship with our clients, so we are aware of market trends in funding needs and transaction appetites.

What you can now do instead: Speak to potential buyers and make deals faster

Finomatic Consulting, Nicholas Hay

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Finomatic Consulting - Unlocking investor confidence: 5 essential metrics to master for high-growth technology companies

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