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Client stories

We understand our clients' business models and deliver bespoke FP&A solutions to meet their specific needs.

Optimising SaaS reporting

We transformed system data into detailed analytics and KPI dashboards which now inform management decisions.

Redefining SaaS procedures

We analysed historical data and calculated SaaS KPIs to facilitate strategic decision-making and investor dialogues.

Highland Europe

We built bespoke reporting solutions which unlocked previously unavailable insights into portfolio company performance.

Elevating SaaS data analytics

We streamlined financial processes, which significantly cut monthly reporting time and enhanced data-driven decisions.

Facilitating strategic gaming mergers

We transformed diverse gaming company data into a compelling investment case, ensuring successful funding.

Enhancing financial & liquidity models

We created financial and liquidity models which supported the CEO's efforts to secure additional funding from investors.

Bespoke solutions

We present visualisations from completed client projects, including customer-level revenue forecasting and SaaS reporting.

Project case studies