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Enhancing financial & liquidity models

We created financial and liquidity models which supported the CEO's efforts to secure additional funding from investors.

Company profile

Transaction-based SaaS platform connecting businesses across Europe with prospective investors

The platform facilitated over £200 million in investment for startups and SMEs across a wide range of sectors. They offer a range of investment opportunities, including equity, debt, and revenue-based financing. They boast a user-friendly interface and advanced risk assessment tools.

Financial and Liquidity Modelling


The client’s data contained some duplications and inconsistencies, particularly when trying to reconcile from multiple sources such as their: accounting system, loan book and marketing platform. They required a comprehensive business plan to demonstrate a path towards profitability.


We quickly understood the client’s complex requirements and used our expertise to build a financial and liquidity model which consolidated data from multiple sources. We worked closely with the CEO to provide detailed insights into his company’s operations. The outputs from our work helped to illustrate the CEO’s plan and vision to investors, while supporting the next stage of growth.


The project proved to be a genesis moment for the client and helped them to understand otherwise unknown intricacies of their business. The client appreciated our efforts and the work helped the client to present a clear vision to investors, plan for the future and support their growth plans.