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Highland Europe portfolio reporting

We built bespoke reporting solutions which unlocked previously unavailable insights into portfolio company performance.

Finomatic streamlined the process of reporting and benchmarking the data from our portfolio companies. Their bespoke solution unlocked valuable insights that off-the-shelf portfolio monitoring platforms are not able to provide. We look forward to working with them further, both as a fund and across our portfolio.


The result

Following this engagement, Highland can now easily benchmark their portfolio companies against their peers. This allows them to provide the management teams with data-driven insights to help supercharge growth.

Company profile

Highland Europe is a growth-stage investment firm located in London and Geneva​.

They have over 50 active investments and over €2.8bn in assets under management. As at November 2023, they are deploying their €1bn fifth fund which closed in January 2023.

Investment portfolio reporting


Highland use a cloud solution to monitor the financial metrics of companies in their investment portfolio. However, the system does not have the ability to dissect the data with the level of detail and flexibility Highland require for their analysis. This required a scalable solution capable of amalgamating information from various sources.

Highland wanted to send their portfolio companies quarterly review dashboards that provide KPIs and benchmark performance against their peers. The purpose of this benchmarking was to help their portfolio companies accelerate growth and allocate resources effectively.


We built repeatable data engineering processes to clean and transform the raw data extracts into detailed and interactive analytics. We constructed a variety of benchmark groups (such as company size and customer type) and enabled a comparison against industry-specific KPIs on both a median and top quartile basis.

Our robust and automated workflows meant that Highland could run the bespoke solution internally, without the need for ongoing support or licence fees.


Our collaborative approach, combined with clear and interactive analytics, meant that all users understood our work and could verify its accuracy.

These new insights have deepened their understanding of the best-performing companies in the portfolio and enable them to start transferring these successes across their other investments. This has increased their confidence when advising and interacting with their portfolio companies on areas such as: developing growth strategies and highlighting areas for improvement.

By building a bespoke solution, we were able to unlock valuable insights from portfolio company data that off-the-shelf portfolio monitoring platforms are not able to provide.

Interactive dashboard example

Please see below for an extract of the interactive reporting prepared for Highland Europe. In order to preserve confidentiality, this analysis has been anonymised and randomised.

Please note that the interactive dashboard demonstration is not available on mobile phone devices. Please use a tablet or desktop.