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Elevating SaaS data analytics

We streamlined financial processes, which significantly cut monthly reporting time and enhanced data-driven decisions.

Company profile

High growth SaaS business providing software solutions to large UK companies

  • Employees: 50-100
  • Geographies: UK

Our client was having difficulty integrating high-quality financial data from various sources. Following a recent investment round from a private equity investor, our client was looking to better understand their data so they could allocate the funding from this investment as efficiently as possible.

The main goal of the engagement was to facilitate the calculation of critical SaaS metrics with a clear audit trail, thereby enhancing their decision-making processes and investor communications.

This project involved two separate stages:

1. Integrated financial reporting and forecasting – aligning our client’s historical financials and then streamlining into a SaaS Profit & Loss format to allow seamless calculation of key SaaS metrics in real-time.

2. Financial reporting board pack automation – refining our client’s accounting procedures and connecting directly to their source systems to ensure the quality of financial information would be maintained in subsequent periods.

1. Integrated financial reporting and forecasting
(2 weeks)


To aggregate and analyse financial data swiftly from HubSpot, Xero and their HR platform This would provide real-time financial insights and reduce the time spent on monthly procedures.


We created an advanced financial data integration tool, tailored to interact seamlessly with our client’s systems. This tool enabled real-time data extraction and consolidation, significantly streamlining the monthly financial aggregation process.


The client experienced a great reduction in time spent on monthly financial procedures. This allowed the finance team to focus more on strategic analysis and decision-making. The efficiency gain was instrumental in enhancing the overall productivity of their financial operations. Our detailed understanding of the sector allowed them to seamlessly transform their processes with minimal impact on business as usual. 

2. Financial reporting board pack automation
(2 weeks)


To calculate key SaaS metrics accurately with a clear and auditable process, enhancing the reliability and depth of financial reports for informed decision-making.


Following a detailed review of our client’s accounting procedures and revenue recognition policies, we developed a dynamic, custom-built model for precise calculation of essential SaaS metrics like LTV, MRR, and Churn Rate. Our bespoke solution also provided the capability to drill down into the data and analyse revenue by: product, customer, tier and sector. As always, the foundation of our detailed analysis was source system data. This meant that our client had transparent, robust and auditable calculations, with the integrations required to ensure real-time financial data updates.


The introduction of this model led to an enhanced level of accuracy and transparency in financial reporting and SaaS metrics calculations. This clear audit trail and the provision of more detailed and robust analysis significantly boosted confidence around the board table. The insights derived from these metrics enabled the client to make more informed, data-driven decisions, aligning their strategic planning with real-time financial insights.