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Bespoke vs off-the-shelf software

We offer bespoke FP&A solutions that empower businesses with data scalability, insights, integrations and security.


When it comes to choosing FP&A (Financial planning & analysis) solutions, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads between utilising an off-the-shelf software package or opting for a bespoke solution tailored to their unique needs. While off-the-shelf solutions offer slightly shorter implementation periods, there are a number of benefits to choosing a custom-built solution, such as:

  • Customisation
  • Scalability
  • Industry expertise
  • Seamless integrations
  • Enhanced data security
  • No recurring fees
  • Best practices
  • Dedicated support

Why choose Finomatic over an off-the-shelf solution?

At Finomatic, we adopt a fully bespoke approach and believe that our solutions represent a compelling proposition for businesses seeking to optimise their financial operations and decision-making processes.


Our bespoke solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This means that they retain full control over the features, functionalities and user interfaces, ensuring a seamless fit with your business operations and finance team. Throughout the build process, we maintain a highly collaborative approach. Frequent communication ensures that we can design a tool which incorporates the feedback of our clients and addresses their key pain points.


Our bespoke solutions are ideal for long-term flexibility. As our clients grow and evolve, amendments can be made to accommodate the ever-changing business requirements.

Industry expertise

Our bespoke solutions incorporate SaaS industry best practices and align with the strategic goals of our clients. This provides unique insights and capabilities that off-the-shelf products may not offer.

Seamless integrations

Our bespoke solutions integrate seamlessly with existing software ecosystems. This usually includes: central databases, as well as accounting, HR, ERP and CRM systems. This allows for efficient data exchange, eliminates manual processes, and provides a holistic view of the financial data.

Enhanced data security

Our bespoke solutions give businesses more control over data security. You can implement robust security measures, encryption protocols and user access controls which are specific to the organisation’s requirements. This mitigates the risk of data breaches.

No recurring fees

Our bespoke solutions are completely self-service. Thanks to our highly collaborative approach throughout the build process, the tools will exactly align with how our clients’ businesses operate. This means that there are no recurring costs after the project is completed. This will boost EBITDA and, in turn, company valuation when the time arrives for another corporate finance transaction.

Best practices

Our bespoke solutions are built by an experienced team who have corporate finance experience and are qualified Full Stack Modellers. This means that our tools will measure up to the highest industry standards. The two main goals of our engagements are to: facilitate data-driven strategic decisions and ensure our clients are ready for a corporate finance transaction at any time.

Dedicated support (if required)

Our bespoke solutions are built and maintained by the same team member. This gives our clients one consistent point of contact and ensures that any required amendments are processed quickly and accurately. This also means that the team members who build the initial solution will continue to be available to answer further queries.


In any fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, having a bespoke FP&A solution that precisely aligns with your organisation’s needs can be a game-changer. We believe that our distinct approach offers a number of key advantages, particularly with regards to industry expertise, flexibility, scalability and integrations.

At Finomatic, we pride ourselves on empowering organisations make informed decisions confidently. Choosing to work with us represents an investment in a future-ready FP&A solution that propels your business towards success, helping you to stay ahead of the curve and achieve your strategic goals.

How much do our clients save?​

Our clients often approach us after a negative experience using rigid off-the-shelf FP&A software. In many cases, their business has recently experienced a phase of significant growth, both in terms of size and complexity. This usually leads to a requirement for specialist advice from industry experts and a bespoke solution which fits the specific needs of the business, without the obligation to pay recurring licence and support fees long into the future.

At Finomatic, we offer bespoke FP&A solutions that provide tailored results and a competitive edge, all at a fixed one-off price. We adopt a highly collaborative approach and leverage our extensive industry expertise to identify any discrepancies in your financial data. This process will significantly reduce friction in your next corporate finance transaction, helping you to achieve a swift and successful outcome.

We empower businesses to make more informed decisions and achieve their strategic goals by providing solutions built with:

  • Customisation – Tailored software that integrates with your operations and team.
  • Scalability – A solution that grows with your changing needs.
  • Industry expertise – Industry-specific insights and capabilities.
  • Seamless integrations – Efficient data exchange with existing systems.
  • Enhanced data security – Robust measures to mitigate risks.
  • No recurring fees – No recurring license fees.
  • Best practices – Industry-standard tools for better decisions.
  • Dedicated support – Consistent assistance from our experienced team.

Use our payback calculator below to find out how much you could save by opting for a bespoke Finomatic solution instead of off-the-shelf FP&A software.

Note that the interactive dashboard demonstration is not available on mobile phone devices. Please use a tablet or desktop.

Company size



  • Revenue <£5m
  • Single entity
  • Domestic business
  • 1-2 revenue streams
  • <100 customers
  • <50 employees



  • Revenue £5-30m
  • Multiple entities
  • International business
  • 3-4 revenue streams
  • 100-600 customers
  • 50-300 employees



  • Revenue £30m+
  • Multiple entities
  • International business
  • 5+ revenue streams
  • 600+ customers
  • 300+ employees
  • Different divisional and legal entity view