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We have written a number of articles discussing prevalent topics which relate to FP&A in the technology sector.

Fundraising pitfalls

We demystify the fundraising process and elevate your company's financial narrative when communicating with investors.

Bespoke vs off-the-shelf software

We offer bespoke FP&A solutions that empower businesses with data scalability, insights, integrations and security.

Navigating IFRS 15

We present essential considerations and recommendations for SaaS companies to comply with IFRS 15 requirements.​

Solving the senior hire dilemma

We bridge the gap between hiring senior finance professionals and off-the-shelf options with custom FP&A software.

Pricing optimisation

We explain effective pricing strategies which technology companies can adopt for support and maintenance contracts.

Breaking free from perpetuity

We explore the key advantages and considerations of transitioning from perpetual to subscription software licences.