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Facilitating strategic gaming mergers

We transformed diverse gaming company data into a compelling investment case, ensuring successful funding.

Company profile

Gaming roll-up looking to pursue strategic acquisitions

Our client was raising funds to complete a strategic buy-and build roll-up by acquiring a series of gaming companies. A critical component of this venture was securing funding to support these acquisitions. We were engaged to develop a comprehensive and unified funding model to present to potential investors.

Integrated financial reporting and forecasting
(2 weeks)


The client faced the complex challenge of merging diverse financial data from multiple acquisitions, each with unique accounting systems and practices. This diversity presented a significant hurdle in creating a unified and comprehensive financial model. The objective was to develop a clear and coherent plan that would effectively communicate the financial viability and potential of the consolidated entity to investors.


Leveraging our expertise in complex financial integrations and the gaming sector, we collated these disparate financial entities. Our approach involved:

  • Standardising accounting practices and integrating different financial systems into a robust framework.
  • Developing a consolidated financial model that reflected the combined entity’s financial health and growth trajectory.
  • Crafting a compelling investment proposal that articulated the strategic vision, highlighted the synergies and growth potential of the acquisitions. The proposal we built also demonstrated the financial viability and projected returns for potential investors.


Our comprehensive financial model and investor presentation were instrumental in the client’s success. The outcomes included:

  • The unified financial outlook was presented clearly, significantly enhancing the client’s appeal to potential investors.
  • Successful funding rounds with strong interest from several investors, affirming the viability and potential of the client’s strategic roll-up plan.
  • Empowered decision-making and strategic planning for the client, backed by a solid understanding of their consolidated financial position and investor support.

This project achieved the immediate goal of securing funding and positioned the client strongly for future acquisitions and growth.