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Revenue forecasting

We collated data from six sources to produce reports which inform strategic decisions and track in-year revenue performance.

The different sources of information used to produce this analysis were:

  1. Sage sub-ledger – YTD revenue recognised by client and by type ;
  2. Sage contract module – Revenue already recognised for in-flight projects to calculate the remaining balance on these contracts ;
  3. Data warehouse – Implementation completion dates and monthly revenue forecasting for in-flight projects ;
  4. Salesforce closed contracts – Expected revenue for projects which are signed but have not yet started ;
  5. Salesforce pipeline – Revenue forecast for projects which are not yet closed ; and
  6. Chief Revenue Officer assumptions – Pipeline scenario planning (e.g. changing opportunity close dates and weighting assumptions).
The ongoing maintenance of this project is managed by our client’s Head of Sales, who does not have a background in data analytics. This demonstrates our ability to create an easy-to-use solution for a highly complex problem.

Please note that the interactive dashboard demonstration is not available on mobile phone devices. Please use a tablet or desktop.